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SY’s Story

SY, one of our ex-students, failed every History Elective and Social Studies test or exam throughout his Sec 3 year.

His mom emailed me at the end of the school year, sharing that they both felt lost. SY was also feeling rather depressed that his effort just did not seem to pay off.

But when I looked at SY’s exam and test papers, it was obvious that SY was hardworking, and it showed in his detailed answers. But they were just not hitting home runs–i.e. scoring high marks.

In fact, though his answers were factually accurate, they were awarded fail marks.

You can see why both SY and his mum felt so confused.

His mom was perceptive–she knew that the way to help him was to let him get consistent practice and specific feedback to transform his answers from fail to A.

But she was worried that he would not be disciplined to do it on his own. Plus, who would be able to give him the much needed feedback to help him improve his answers?

Thus, she asked us to coach her son.

Over the next year, SY spent about 30 minutes to 1 hr a week to complete online assignments and take part in online calls with me. All in all, he spent less time than if he was to use the typical tuition methods.

His results were astounding.

At the O levels, he got a perfect A1 for his Combined Humanities (Social Studies + History Elective).

He had the flexibility to maximise his revision in the least amount of time, because he had so many other subjects, CCA and family commitments to take care of.

His mom did not need to work around the tutor’s schedule or pay expensive monthly fees ($480-$720 a month for experienced MOE-trained teachers) for him/her to come to their home.

There aren’t many tutors/centres in Singapore willing to offer this option, as they usually end up spending more time on each student than in-person methods.

But we’re offering it because we believe an educator should work around your child’s needs, and not the other way round.

More importantly, as parents ourselves, it breaks our hearts to hear a child say, ‘I am just not smart enough’, or ‘I’m just too slow/stupid’. I know that is not true.

We believe every child has the ability to master Social Studies and History if they follow our coaching system.

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“Mr Ho is able to point out to my child the reason behind why she was not able score full marks in attempted assignments. Additionally, Mr Ho is patient and very knowledgeable in the subject matter, History. I have no regrets in engaging LearnMOJO online coaching programme. The programme itself is very structured, methodical and effective. My daughter has never been able to tackle SEQ and SBQ questions until she is coached by Mr Ho. Give your kids the LearnMOJO advantage.”

Charles Lim

Celeste's dad

2020 O level student (Fail to B3 for Pure History)

Coach: Mr Paul Ho

“Thank you for helping my child to improve in his grade. It’s not easy but Coach Ms Teo is always ready to tailor to his needs and guide him. Great support from admins team too. Always prompt communication via whatsapp. Thank you. Looking forward to continuing our partnership next year.”

Esther Lim

Caelen's mom

2020-2021 Lower Sec History

Coach: Ms Teo Li Hoon

“The programme is very effective! Tutor Kavitha is able to engage with my son in just 30 min. Effectively taught him the key technique of answering questions, especially inference questions. Ms Kavitha is very encouraging and nice! Short and sweet lessons yet effective! I was sceptical at first, was worried that during the lesson, he might not pay attention, play with his devices secretly, not able to comprehend…so on… I was wrong! He looked forward to every lesson as he saw his work improving based on the mini tests at school. It also has given my son a chance to learn on his own pace and with his own effort. Unlike the conventional way of tuition, dragging his feet, travelling to and fro. Online coaching has saved us a lot of time.”

Cheryl Kwek

Tristan's mom

2020 Sec 2 History, C6 to A2 for History

Coach: Ms Kavitha

“Mr Paul was able to teach Nadia the techniques and guide her to express herself much better in history structured and essay questions. As a result, her results improved tremendously from borderline pass in IP1 and 2 to an A in the year end IP3 exams. Along the way, Nadia’s interest in history also grew and she enjoyed her lessons with Mr Paul very much. Thank you Mr Paul for your patience and dedication to help Nadia build an interest in History and improve her grades.”


Nadia's mom

2021 IP Yr 3 History

Coach: Mr Paul Ho

“There is personal attention given to me allowing me to ask whatever questions I need. Ms Karen is also very motivating :). There isn’t much of a difference [between online coaching and in-person tuition] since Ms Karen will be there to answer the questions anyway. Saves time travelling for the student/teacher.”

David L.

2020 O level student (B4 to A1 for Social Studies & History Elective)

Coach: Ms Karen Ang

“What I found most helpful: personalised feedback, guided practices and targeted practices regarding weaknesses. It is a lot more convenient & efficient than physical lessons as quite a lot is accomplished in a single lesson.”

Laura T.

2020 ‘O’ level student, A2 for Combined Humanities (Social Studies)

Coach: Ms Charmaine Lappen

“The lessons allowed me to understand the different techniques and skills I needed for essays and source-based questions. They also allowed me to understand the history content much better in a deeper context. I would highly recommend joining the online classes.”


2017-2019 student (E8 in Lower Sec to A1 in History for O levels 2019)

Coach: Ms Karen Ang

“From ‘I hate History’ in Lower Sec to A1 in O levels…your coaching works for her and she saw improvement, hence she is willing.”

Jaynia's mom


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