Hello. My name is Karen Ang, founder of learnMOJO.

For 15 years now, I’ve helped thousands of teens pull up their Social Studies and/or History grades.

Because our teens lead such busy lives, I designed a simple system to help them do the above within 3 to 4 months, using up to to 50% less time each week than the usual tuition methods.

This way of learning has worked so well that we now have a team of skilled and experienced ex-MOE teachers in order to help more students.

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It all began when I was a student at Dunman High School and Hwa Chong Junior College.

I unknowingly picked up study hacks which helped me do well at the national exams, despite not cramming as much my classmates. I tried to weave these principles into my teaching when I became an MOE teacher.

Did this system work? Here are our students’ results:

Over 70% of our students score distinctions at the GCE ‘O’ levels every year.

Many of them didn’t even pass Combined Humanities before we worked together.

I’m proud of them because they were all very busy, juggling 7 to 10 subjects, plus CCA, plus family commitments. But they gave no excuses, just buckled down, followed the strategies and frameworks we gave them, and did it.

Most of our students are not ‘geniuses’, and many aren’t strong in English.

Many went on to their dream JCs or polytechnic courses.

This is despite them putting in up to 50% less time per week than other students who use the usual tuition methods.

To the learnMOJO team, it’s not just about the grades.

It’s really about wiping that look of despair off the student’s face.

It’s about finally giving him or her the tools to learn how to learn. Because let’s face it, who will remember when the Battle of Midway was? But learning how to learn—that’s a life skill.

It’s about guiding your teen through a systematic approach that takes motivation out of the picture. Motivation’s great, but not all of us wake up every morning raring to go.

We want to make sure that the teens under our care have as many choices as possible when it comes to their post-secondary education options.

We want to give your teen no choice but to improve, so he/she can say confidently:

'Yes, I DID it!'

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