Jump at least 3 grades in Social Studies, History and Geography with learnMOJO

While putting in only 50% of the time needed by traditional tuition methods

~ 70% A1/A2s (national average: 28% - 35%)

STOP wasting time on futile memorisation, practices and long-drawn tuition classes

Get expert coaching by ex-MOE teachers

Find out how


We regret that we’re unable to help with requests for last-minute support for students taking the N/O levels in 2023, as our graduating classes are full.

We have also paused enrolment until mid-October 2023 to focus on helping our students prepare for the year end exams.

Enrolment will re-open from mid-October 2023 onwards for Academic Year 2024.

Our small group online coaching programme for Academic Year 2024 start on 1 Nov 2023.

In the meantime, you might like to get on our 2024 priority waitlist by filling in this form.

If your child is in Lower Secondary and needs help to prepare for the year end exams, you might like to explore these online course options:

If you’re wondering which option will suit your child best, please feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute call with our Founder below.

You may also scroll down to find out more about how we help our students score massive improvements without wasting time on futile work.

Are you thinking about seeking help because you’re unable to guide your child who is struggling in History, Geography and/or Social Studies?

Before working with us, many of our students were:

  • Discouraged about repeatedly getting low scores for Social Studies, History and/or Geography
  • Hardworking but just couldn’t figure out what was pulling down their grade
  • Coping well in Mathematics and the Sciences but struggling a great deal in the Humanities subjects
  • Eager to do the work to improve, but didn’t know how or where to start
  • Too busy for yet another long and draggy tuition class

Memorising and regurgitating facts alone no longer guarantees an A.

In fact, many students who come to us are like your teen:

GREAT at understanding and remembering the content, but still fail or barely pass their History, Social Studies or Geography exams.

Why? Two reasons:


2. They haven’t mastered HOW TO APPLY what they learn.

It’s like being given a basket of exotic ingredients but having no idea how to put them together into a delicious meal.

And no, it’s NOT because your teen doesn’t have the talent for the humanities. Most certainly NOT because he/she is “weak”.

It’s simply because your child hasn’t been taught an effective revision system that allows him/her to effectively tackle all the exam questions without taking up too much time.

If your child is willing to do the work (which isn’t THAT much, by the way), we’re confident we can help.

Most parents won’t know what we’re about to tell you…

At the O levels, the national average distinction (A1/A2) rate for Combined Humanities hovers between 28% to 35% each year, as compared to 50+% for Math.

That’s why your child needs to spend practically every single day doing practices in order to get a decent grade for Math!

But in order for your child to get a distinction in the Humanities, he/she only needs to spend about 30-45 minutes PER WEEK doing practices within our proven online coaching system.

With our Humanities online coaching programmes, your teen gets a way better return on time investment, and much higher chances of OUTPERFORMING the competition.

There’s no reason why your child can’t be like one of our students below, come end of year:

noreen anusha ng esther janice regina

How do our students jump 3 grades or more?

Students in our Social Studies, History and Geography Mojo online coaching programmes use the proven D.A.T.A. System.

Developed by our Founder Ms Karen Ang, it has helped our students achieve around 70% distinctions in less time since 2014, way before the pandemic:

1. DO

For your child to start improving, he does a weekly bite-sized assignment to designed to help him master the exam skills and content needed in a logical manner

  • This takes only 30 to 45 minutes each week

  • Never get stuck. Your child can access support via a private Whatsapp chat group if he/she needs to clarify any questions


Attend our 1-hour LIVE small group online coaching sessions every week.

During the session, your coach will point out:

a) Easy-to-score areas that your child has missed out, improving his score by up to 5 marks (or MORE)

b) If your child does well: Show your child exactly why the answer scores high marks, so that he can replicate high-scoring answers for similar questions in future

Your child will get the chance to edit his answer, and


Over time, your child builds up a bank of his/her own model answers that can be pulled out for exam revision.


Your child’s coach will help to bridge gaps in his/her understanding of content or concepts.

This helps your child acquire deep understanding of concepts without sitting through draggy and passive lectures.

We point him to the necessary resources to bridge those gaps.

We’ll also show your child what to ignore, to save time and combat information overload / fatigue.


With the first three steps in place, we reinforce and repeat the process on a weekly basis.

This accelerates your child’s progress towards his/her ideal grades.

No waffling, no wasting time on long and draggy online or in-person classes.

So that your child has more time to put towards other important subjects as well.

Did we mention? Our Group Sizes are TINY so that your child SAVES TIME

Our groups have a maximum of 4 students each.

Most centres cram 8 to 20 students in a single class with a duration of 1.5 hours to 2 hours weekly.

Keeping our groups small allows us to keep our weekly coaching sessions to 1 hour, shaving off 50 percent of the time commitment on your child’s part.

Your child’s time is a precious resource.

We want to help your child maximise your Return on Investment (ROI).

When your child is able to…

  • Look at a question, and within seconds, know what to do to produce an answer that the Social Studies, History or Geography exam marker loves…

  • Speedily break down data and make accurate inferences on any Social Studies, History and Geography source that is thrown at him/her…

  • Complete the History / Social Studies / Geography exam comfortably within the time limit, writing LESS than other students but getting HIGHER scores…

  • Formulate well-thought responses to unexpected Source-based Questions (SBQ), Structured Essay Questions (SEQ), Structured Response Questions (SRQ), Data Response Questions (DRQs) or whatever Qs that cause other students to panic…

He/she will no longer feel anxious, lost, confused or discouraged about History, Geography and Social Studies, but tackle each exam with calm and confidence.

Of course, do take your time to decide.

But we need to let you know that keeping our intake small also means that our programmes fill up fast.

In fact, we have CLOSED enrolment until mid-October 2023 so that we can focus on helping our current students prep for the End-of-Year Exams.

Enrolment will re-open from mid-October 2023 onwards for Academic Year 2024.

In the meantime, you might like to get on our 2024 priority waitlist by filling in this form.

If your child needs help for Sec 2 History, we’ve partnered up with Kainetik Learning Centre to open the Sec 2 History Online End-of-Year Exam Boost for a limited time only.

If you’re keen to find out about how any of our coaching programmes or online courses work, or which option will suit your child best, please feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute call with our Founder below.

There are good Humanities tutors and tuition centres out there. Why us?

There might be a chance that we’re NOT the right fit for you, of course!

If your teen is totally unable to attempt assignments on their own and need someone to sit with them as they do the work, then we’re not the right fit for you.

Home-based 1-1 tuition may be the best option in this case, and it takes up 1.5 to 2 hours a week, excluding homework.

It’s also the costliest of all the available options if you were to get a trained teacher.

What about centre-based group classes? They are usually 2 hours long per week with anywhere from 8 to 20 students in each group.

If your child loves big groups and extended contact time with his/her tutor, that would be a great choice.

But what if he/she already has a packed schedule and has a lot of learning to catch up on?

Can you imagine your child:

  • Spending up to 5 hours a week travelling, attending class, doing homework, and
  • Competing with many more students for the tutor’s attention?

Choose learnMOJO’s Social Studies, History and Geography Mojo

With our online small group coaching programme, your child shaves off at least 50% of the time investment required, while achieving even better results.

Your child will receive weekly coaching from an experienced ex-MOE teacher in a small group of maximum 4 students.

The forward-thinking parents we work with (like you) understand that it takes a great deal of time and effort to coach efficiently and effectively the way we do.

To help your child learn effectively in much less time, our coaches put in an incredible amount of time outside of the coaching sessions to plan, create additional practices, mark and offer personalised feedback on your child’s work, offer encouraging support, communicate with you and track your child’s progress.

Going by:

  • Our tiny class sizes
  • Our coaches’ years of experience
  • The amount of time and effort they pour into guiding your child…

We could easily charge twice the fees of most centre-based programmes.

But our fees are not much different from most centres.

Secondary 1: $320 / 4 weeks

Secondary 2: $350 / 4 weeks

Secondary 3: $380 / 4 weeks

Secondary 4: $420 / 4 weeks

You’re billed on a monthly basis (first bill prorated according to which week of the month you start).

We’d love your child to be with us for the entire year, but you’re also free to learn with us for a month, two, or three.

No minimum lock-in periods; we’re not a bank issuing you a mortgage loan.

As parents ourselves, we believe that our students should be free to seek other options if our coaching doesn’t work out for them.

There are also no deposits at all.

We trust the parents and students who work with us.

We simply want your child to succeed.

It breaks our heart to hear a child say, ‘I am just not smart enough’, or ‘I’m just too slow/stupid’.

We believe every child has the ability to improve in Social Studies, Geography and History if they follow our system.

Our belief is not founded on wishful thinking. The results don’t lie.

Every year, about 70% of the students at learnMOJO get distinctions in Social Studies, History and Geography.

Most of them come to us with a fail or borderline pass grade.

What Parents and Students Say


“Mr Ho is able to point out to my child the reason behind why she was not able score full marks in attempted assignments. Additionally, Mr Ho is patient and very knowledgeable in the subject matter, History. I have no regrets in engaging LearnMOJO online coaching programme. The programme itself is very structured, methodical and effective. My daughter has never been able to tackle SEQ and SBQ questions until she is coached by Mr Ho. Give your kids the LearnMOJO advantage.”

Charles Lim

Celeste's dad

2020 O level student (Fail to B3 for Pure History)

Coach: Mr Paul Ho

“Thank you for helping my child to improve in his grade. It’s not easy but Coach Ms Teo is always ready to tailor to his needs and guide him. Great support from admins team too. Always prompt communication via whatsapp. Thank you. Looking forward to continuing our partnership next year.”

Esther Lim

Caelen's mom

2020-2021 Lower Sec History

Coach: Ms Teo Li Hoon

“The programme is very effective! Tutor Kavitha is able to engage with my son in just 30 min. Effectively taught him the key technique of answering questions, especially inference questions. Ms Kavitha is very encouraging and nice! Short and sweet lessons yet effective! I was sceptical at first, was worried that during the lesson, he might not pay attention, play with his devices secretly, not able to comprehend…so on… I was wrong! He looked forward to every lesson as he saw his work improving based on the mini tests at school. It also has given my son a chance to learn on his own pace and with his own effort. Unlike the conventional way of tuition, dragging his feet, travelling to and fro. Online coaching has saved us a lot of time.”

Cheryl Kwek

Tristan's mom

2020 Sec 2 History, C6 to A2 for History

Coach: Ms Kavitha

“Mr Paul was able to teach Nadia the techniques and guide her to express herself much better in history structured and essay questions. As a result, her results improved tremendously from borderline pass in IP1 and 2 to an A in the year end IP3 exams. Along the way, Nadia’s interest in history also grew and she enjoyed her lessons with Mr Paul very much. Thank you Mr Paul for your patience and dedication to help Nadia build an interest in History and improve her grades.”


Nadia's mom

2021 IP Yr 3 History

Coach: Mr Paul Ho

“There is personal attention given to me allowing me to ask whatever questions I need. Ms Karen is also very motivating :). There isn’t much of a difference [between online coaching and in-person tuition] since Ms Karen will be there to answer the questions anyway. Saves time travelling for the student/teacher.”

David L.

2020 O level student (B4 to A1 for Social Studies & History Elective)

Coach: Ms Karen Ang

“What I found most helpful: personalised feedback, guided practices and targeted practices regarding weaknesses. It is a lot more convenient & efficient than physical lessons as quite a lot is accomplished in a single lesson.”

Laura T.

2020 ‘O’ level student, A2 for Combined Humanities (Social Studies)

Coach: Ms Charmaine Lappen

“The lessons allowed me to understand the different techniques and skills I needed for essays and source-based questions. They also allowed me to understand the history content much better in a deeper context. I would highly recommend joining the online classes.”


2017-2019 student (E8 in Lower Sec to A1 in History for O levels 2019)

Coach: Ms Karen Ang

“From ‘I hate History’ in Lower Sec to A1 in O levels…your coaching works for her and she saw improvement, hence she is willing.”

Jaynia's mom


Ready to work with us? Let's go!

Enrol now if you want to see your teen

  • Achieve a breakthrough in his/her Social Studies, History and Geography
  • No longer discouraged, demotivated and disillusioned
  • Believe in his/her ability to do well in his/her studies
  • Reclaim his/her sense of self-worth, and no longer say, ‘I’m just no good at this.’
  • Confidently manage his/her own studies, going forward

Enrolment closes when all places are filled.

Talk to us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will we get when we sign up for the Social Studies, History and Geography Mojo programme?

All these goodies:

  • LearnMojo’s Social Studies/History/Geography Exam Skills Guides in one place for easy reference to help your child write high-scoring answers
  • At least one weekly marked assignment with personalised feedback, to help your child know exactly how to improve
  • 1 round of marked corrections for each assignment
  • 1 hour of LIVE group online coaching per week to review completed assignments and learn new skills, which is recorded and stored in the private virtual classroom
  • Access to a private virtual classroom containing all guides and assignments
  • Ongoing support via a private Whatsapp chat group, so your child can seek help with school and learnmojo assignments.

Who is the Social Studies, History and Geography Mojo online coaching programme for? And who is it NOT for?

If your child is willing to put in 30 minutes to 1 hour every week to do some extra guided practices, GAME ON!

We don’t care how badly he is failing right now. With the willingness to do the work, there’s no reason he won’t improve.

This programme is NOT for students who:

  • Do not complete existing school assignments
  • Are unwilling to do any extra practices
  • Expect us to spoonfeed them with answers
  • Want us to provide stacks and stacks of content notes that they may not even have the time to read

Do you offer free or paid trial for 1 lesson?

We don’t have a 1-lesson trial, as we understand that parents and students may need more than 1 lesson to determine if the programme is useful for them. Instead, we have a 30-day Guarantee with a prorated refund.

Try us out for 30 days. If your child doesn’t find the coaching helpful despite doing all the assignments, let us know and you can stop immediately.

We’ll give you a prorated refund of the fees for the remaining weeks of the month.

Just let us know at least 3 working days in advance.

What if I want to withdraw my child from your programme?

We’d love for your child to learn with us until she graduates secondary school, but ultimately you’re in control and can cancel at any time.

This ensures that we do our best and earn the privilege of having you as our client.

Details of our cancellation policy as follows.

Within the first 30 days:

You may stop without finishing out the current month. We’ll give you a prorated refund of the fees for the remaining weeks of the month.

After the first 30 days:

Finish out the current month, and you’re free to go. Let us know at least 7 days before the next invoice is issued. (Our invoices are issued 1st day of each month.)

What happens if my child cannot attend any class due to competition or other official school activities? Can he/she hop in another class on a different day?

As we tailor the the revision plan to each group, other classes may be working on different assignments from your child’s usual group. Hopping in to another class wouldn’t be the best use of your child’s time.

Instead, your child should (a) watch the recorded video replay of the missed session and (b) complete the weekly assignment.

His/her coach will mark the work before the next coaching session.

If needed, the coach will arrange for a separate 15 to 20 minute 1-to-1 review with your child.

In our experience, this proves to be better use of your child’s time.

Got further questions?

Email us and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can. 🙂

Book a 15-min call