Meet the Coaches

Each learnMOJO coach is an ex-MOE teacher who has undergone the rigour of setting exams and marking thousands of exam scripts, so he/she is able to guide your child to craft answers that the exam markers are looking for.

Most have served in sectors other than education. This gives us the unique opportunity to incorporate observations about political, societal and economic trends that impact Singapore into teachable moments.

It not only makes learning come alive, but also benefits students who are considering their future academic and career paths.

Most of us are parents to children of ages ranging from infant to older teens.

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Ms Charmaine Lappen

Teaching since 2005
Bachelor of Arts, Southeast Asian Studies (NUS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
Masters of Arts, Southeast Asian Studies

Ms Charmaine Lappen has been coaching learnMOJO students since 2018. She is an ex-MOE teacher who has taught in Jurong Secondary School, and is currently serving as Head of Curriculum at the Singapore Discovery Centre.

With over 15 years of teaching experience under her belt, many students have benefited greatly from her guidance.

Ms Lappen is known by her students as a patient, cheerful and skilled coach who is able to help struggling students find different ways to achieve grades that they never thought possible.

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Ms Karen Ang

Teaching since 2005
Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Political Science (NUS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Ms Karen Ang is the founder of learnMOJO, and has taught for more than 15 years. She was previously a History and Social Studies teacher in Xinmin Secondary School and Anderson Secondary School.

Besides her time in MOE, she has also worked in the tech, arts and healthcare sectors, serving both internal and external stakeholders in various corporate roles.

In 2014, she started learnMOJO as a solo online tutoring practice. She blended simple and effective pedagogical practices with easy-to-use tech tools that build consistency and accountability into teens’ study habits.

Since 2017, her role has shifted increasingly to scouting and mentoring a team of progressive and skilled online coaches who use the learnMOJO framework to teach.

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Mr Paul Ho

Teaching since 1998
Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education (NIE)
Masters of Education (University of Western Australia)

Mr Ho is a dedicated educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience in MOE and independent schools. He is a versatile coach who has helped students of diverse abilities, including N level, O Level and Integrated Programmes (IP) students.

He has taught in St Patrick’s School, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), and was Subject Head at Nan Hua High School.

In addition, he spent 3 years at MOE’s Curriculum Planning and Development Division as a Curriculum Planning Officer, serving on the team responsible for the development of the national History syllabus for secondary schools.

Mr Ho’s keen interest in archaeology led him to spend two months working in an archaeological site in Spain (Menorca Island) in 2012.

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Ms Teo Li Hoon

Teaching since 2004
Bachelor of Arts, History & Political Science (NUS)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Ms Teo has taught diverse profiles of students during her time as a teacher in Tanglin Secondary and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary. She joined learnMOJO’s Lower Secondary History teaching team in 2020.

Parents and students know her as a nurturing and committed coach who is skilled at helping struggling students to achieve breakthroughs in History.

Under her patient guidance, students who used to score single digits in History managed to secure solid passes in the subject for the first time. These include students with special learning needs and those who fear and dislike History.

Her ‘day job’ is being a mother to five active and adorable boys–need we say more?

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