Complimentary Consultation Call

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in our programmes!

Please select a date and time to speak with our Founder, Ms Karen Ang.

During the call, we will find out more about the challenges your child faces in the Humanities, what can be done to support your child, and whether it would make sense to work together.

If your child is in Sec 2 in 2024, you might like to know that our Sec 2 Geography small group online coaching programme is full, and we are only able to accept waitlist requests for now.

Vacancies for Sec 2 History, and Sec 3 / 4 Social Studies & History Elective (Subject code 2261) are also filling fast.

We currently do not have online coaching programmes for Sec 3 / 4 Pure and Elective Geography, and we’re working to bring onboard a good Geography coach.

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Talk to you soon!

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